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Dust / Particulate Monitoring

Group Instrumentation are the Australasian sales and service centre for PCME brand dust / particulate monitors.


PCME is a worldwide organisation dedicated to the innovation, design, development, manufacture and supply of continuous particulate emission monitors for industrial processes. PCME provide a comprehensive range of products, using a choice of technologies, for filter performance optimisation and regulatory emission measurement.


The PCME range of dust monitors meet the needs of customers in three core areas:


  • Regulatory Compliance
    Industrial processes installing and operating continuous monitoring instrumentation to meet and/or exceed national and international legislative requirements.
  • Corporate Responsibility
    Industrial processes monitoring emissions to provide data for their own internally driven environmental programs and quality control procedures.
  • Process Improvement
    Industrial processes installing monitoring instruments to improve their process with a financial return.


The range of technologies include Electrodynamic instruments with inherent robustness providing effective monitoring even in the most aggressive environments including those with variable velocity. Insulated probe options are available for high humidity gas streams and applications with high conductive dust loadings. Particularly suitable for baghouse management, these instruments offer single point mounting for ease of installation.


Dynamic Opacity systems offer contamination tolerent optical technology for larger stacks, Electrostatic Precipitator applications and boiler monitoring. Instrument air is typically utilised rather than blower systems for reduced maintenance and lower running costs.


Light Scatter instruments provide compliance monitoring for both low and high dust emission stacks with robust self validation and auditing features.


Opacity monitors give high accuracy and repeatability of measurement, designed to meet or exceed US EPA PS-1 monitoring applications.


Compliance instruments incorporate instrument self checks (zero and span) and sensor contamination checks for enhanced repeatability and reliability.


Multi-emission point monitoring systems utilising a flexible and advanced network of sensors are available as the instrument design permits up to 16 sensors to be connected to a single control unit from which industry standard outputs (4-20mA, RS232/485 Modbus) are provided for easy connection to plant control systems.

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